Liner Notes


Roger Taylor: Drums and Backing Vocals
Freddie Mercury: Lead Vocals and Piano
Brian May: Guitars and Backing Vocals
John Deacon: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
... and nobody played synthesizer

Management: Jim Beach
Executive Producers: Brian May and Roger Taylor
Mix Produced by Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J. Macrae and Kris Fredriksson

Recorded by Roy Thomas Baker and Mike Stone
March show mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Mastering
November show mastered by Mazen Murad at Metropolis Mastering
Post Production Supervision: Kris Fredriksson and Justin Shirley-Smith

Design: Richard Gray
Text: Greg Brooks, Gary Taylor, Brian May
Picture Research: Richard Gray and Gary Taylor
Photography: Douglas Puddifoot, Johnny Dewe Mathews, Jill Furmanovsky
Mike Putland, Ian Dickson, (c) 1974 Richard Paul-Jones,
Queen Archivist: Greg Brooks
Queen Memorabilia Research: Greg Brooks and Richard Gray
Queen Memorabilia courtesy of the Brian May Archive, Photographed by
Richard Gray

PR: Phil Symes,
Queen Fan Club: Jacky Smith,,

Special Thanks:
Sarah Bradley, Sara Bricusse, Nigel Burchett, Peter Chant, Ted Cockle
Charlie D'Atri, Emma Donoghue, Justine Ellis, Linda Fredriksson, Sally Frost,
Jim Jenkins, Simon Lupton, Juia Macrae, Pete Malandrone, Anne Meyer,
Declan O'Regan, Janice Page, Denis Pellerin, Tracy Shirley-Smith,
Rhys Thomas, Nick Weymouth, all at British Grove Studios, Clive Osborn,
Tony Webster and Paul Alexander at CEDAR Audio, Miles Showell at Abbey
Road Studios, Geoff Kempin, Terry Shand, Rosie Holley, Claire Higgins and
Jamie Howarth and John K. Chester at Plangent Processes and everyone
at Hollywood Records..

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Inner Sleeve Images



The Rainbow Theatre
Finsbury Park, London, England

The Rainbow Theatre started life in 1930 as the Astoria Cinema. In the 1960s the venue started to host musical acts as well. The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, and The Rolling Stones all performed there.

In November 1971, the building was renamed the Rainbow Theatre. Over the next 10 years, it became a popular music venue, attracting the most popular artists of the time.

Queen performed there four times in their career; March 1974, twice in November 1974, and December 1979. The building is currently a Pentecostal church.

Rainbow Theatre exterior

Rainbow Theatre interior

Queen 1979 concert ticket