BASIC Queen Bootlegs

US BASIC Queen Bootlegs promo CD (Hollywood Records 1999)

1. We Will Rock You (Ruined by Rick Rubin) (May) 5:00
2. Don't Try Suicide (Grandmaster Muggs Remix) (Mercury) 3:38
3. Another Ones Bites The Dust (Chyskillz Remix feat. Ice Cube, Hi-C, & Chyskillz) (Deacon) 3:27
4. Under Pressure (Mr. Mixx Remix) (Queen/Bowie) 4:04
5. We Are The Champions (Ruined by Rick Rubin) (Mercury) 3:28
6. Fat Bottomed Girls (Organized Konfusion Remix) (May) 4:01
7. Dragon Attack (Jack Benson and R.A.K. Remix) 4:22
8. Another One Bites The Dust (Phase 5 Dusted B-Boy Version feat. Raw Fusion) (Deacon) 4:19
9. Stone Cold Crazy (Re-Produced by Trent Reznor) (Queen) 3:49
10. Dragon Attack (Dave Ogilvie Instrumental Remix) (May) 4:25