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Live In JapanThe very first Queen + Adam Lambert release came out on December 20, 2016 and it's a Japanese exclusive. "Live In Japan" is available to purchase through Ward Records (under license from Eagle Rock and Universal). The release is available in a variety of formats including stand-alone DVD, stand-alone Blu-Ray, DVD/CD combo, Blu-Ray/CD combo, Blu-Ray/CD/T-shirt combo, DVD/CD/T-shirt combo, Super Deluxe DVD (2 vinyl, DVD, CD, T-shirt, book, tote bag), and Super Deluxe Blu-Ray (2 vinyl, DVD, CD, T-shirt, book, tote bag). This release chronicles their full performance at the August 2014 Summer Sonic festival. The concert is somewhat shorter than their usual 2 hour concert since this was a festival slot. There is no word on what further Queen + Adam Lambert release may be forthcoming.

Messenger Of The Gods"On Air" was released November 4, 2016 in all territories. The two CD set and three vinyl set features all of Queen's peformances from the 6 BBC radio sessions. The sessions are featured here in their entirety for the first time. Ogre Battle, from Session 3, still does not feature the full guitar intro, but does restore part of it. The March Of The Black Queen from Session 4 was not included because Radio 1 simply played the album version that evening. The deluxe 6 CD version restores some of the DJ banter at the end of most tracks. This is a nice addition, giving the listener the feel of hearing the broadcast. Disc 3 of the set features selected tracks from Queen concerts that were broadcast on various stations. These concert selections are not new mixes, rather they are the original stereo mixes that were broadcast at the time. Discs 4, 5, and 6 all feature various radio interviews spanning Queen's career.


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